Greif – a beautiful book is an art form!

Modern technology, state of the art equipment and well-established traditions – these are the foundations of our company.

Only in partnership with the client can we achieve a worthy result. A professional choice of materials as well as proper communication with editors and artists guarantee smooth cooperation and help a beautiful product come to life.

Our company gives work to around eighty people, and thanks to the added value we create by paying wages and taxes and earning profit, we contribute to the development of the entire region.

As a modern printing company, we have considerable export potential and support a strong economy in Estonia. A beautifully done, high-quality book can be Estonia’s business card all around Europe.

The Greif Printing House is focused on printing and binding books and leaflets. In 2009, we started operations in a production facility built for the sole purpose of printing. The facility, located on the outskirts of Tartu City, has modern equipment and well-designed logistics that make the production process considerably faster. The building houses almost 8,000 square meters of production space. Binding and printing machines are updated constantly to achieve the best possible print quality and capacity. In 2019, we purchased the state-of-the-art print press Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8P.

We provide the best binding capacity and quality as well as the widest range of binding techniques in Estonia.

Estonian publishing houses – Varrak, Koolibri, Tänapäev, Ilmamaa and others – are our largest clients.

Come visit us and see how we do it! 🙂